Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Jan. 6 riot, voting rights, Build Back Better negotiations


Amy Walter, The Cook Political Report:

It is, Judy.

But I think Tam put it really well that people are living in two different realities. When you look at that poll that you just referenced, the PBS/NPR/Marist poll, overwhelmingly, Americans across the political spectrum, 80 percent of Americans, Democrat, Republican, independent, say democracy is at risk.

There are issues that are dividing this country that put our democracy at risk. But what those issues are differ by party. January 6, as you pointed out, not seen by Republicans as a threat to democracy, overwhelmingly seen by Democrats as a threat to democracy.

Interestingly enough, though, it’s only about 40 percent of independents who believe that January 6 was a threat to democracy. Then you go to the question — this was in a CBS poll that came out this weekend — what about voting illegally? Do you…

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