Take off the news, “Hillary Clinton involved in cannibal network.” The draft that shocked the former first lady


a stripping news, for him channel 5, On the legendary December 30 episode Marco Camisani Calzulari He talked about some fake political news that was launched in the middle of the election campaign and spread contradictory conspiracy theories, almost absurd, but unfortunately some believe.

Videos on this topic

One of these relates to my past Barack Obama. And the last thing he wanted Hillary Clinton Take a tour cannibals. A pizzeria could have been identified as a place where people who were part of this fake network were found.

Here is a video of Striscia la Notizia

Besides, we know very well, there are many Rumors about Covid ani vaccines. One of these news claims that a chip Thanks to that in the not too distant future we will all remain under strict control. This is also clearly nonsense. But many still think so. In short, watch out…

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