Swalwell Tells Greene to ‘Put the Steroids Down’ after Deranged Tweet


Far-right Congresswoman and prominent conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene is known for the belligerent hostility she displays toward any colleague she doesn’t deem conservative enough.

From the start of her 2020 campaign, Greene has often appeared in ads brandishing an AR-15, sometimes pointed in the direction of Democratic Congress members. She’s berated and harassed her colleagues on the House floor. She’s encouraged islamophobia toward Muslim representatives.

And this week, Greene yet again casually floated the idea of a “national divorce”—or civil war—and suggested that anyone moving from a blue state to a red state should be temporarily barred from voting in the state.

Though deranged and unworkable policies are to be expected from a lawmaker who subscribed to the QAnon conspiracy web, Greene’s absurd comments generated backlash online from Democrats as well as…

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