Swalwell bill on cold-case killings clears House | News


The bill would also provide for relatives of victims under federal law to be given the right to have their loved one’s case file reviewed by a federal law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over their case.

“My legislation requires a complete re-examination of the file and accompanying evidence, new or renewed interviews with potential subjects and witnesses and other methods to identify possible missteps,” Swalwell said.

Additionally, the bill requires the government to notify the victim’s families of their rights, keep them updated along with data collection in such cases. Referring to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, Swalwell said an estimated 250,000 homicides cases are unsolved in the country and that number rises every year.

“The number of unsolved homicides that eventually attained cold case status increases each year by an average of 6,000,” Swalwell said. “That’s why I’m…

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