Surely the Democrats have a backup plan to Kamala Harris


Between the embarrassing defeat of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), about whom the partisan left couldn’t care less other than to employ her as a tool to hammer Donald Trump, to Hollywood slowly but surely walking away from box office-crushing woke dogma, my reading of the tea leaves tells me that the political ground is shifting around us. Is that shift more to the Republican/conservative right? Some say yes; others will scream no. We’ll soon find out who’s correct.

Regardless of who benefits, though, I see a political recalibration taking place. It seems to be an emergency reassessment convened by the nation’s most powerful special interest group: the American people. These are Americans — and more to the point, American voters — who are being crushed by the real-life problems that those currently in power are creating or not solving.

Going back to Hollywood…

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