Sunburn — The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics — 11.15.22


Good Tuesday morning.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Republicans will take back the House of Representatives, albeit by an extremely thin margin. The rumor mill is abuzz with hot takes on how Kevin McCarthy can corral enough votes for Speaker to lead a conference of certain extremists who would love nothing more than to make his life a living hell. Nobody is better at covering this soap opera than Jake Sherman and our friends at Punchbowl News, who have reported that the so-called Freedom Caucus is already preparing a list of demands to essentially hold McCarthy hostage in the days ahead.

But there is a group beyond the far-right Freedom Caucus and the run-of-the-mill moderates who the D.C. media is ignoring and could play a pivotal role in deciding the direction of the Republican Party in the years to come: Florida’s 20-member congressional delegation who essentially…

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