Stunning result: How Mary Peltola flipped Alaska’s congressional seat blue and toppled the Palin political juggernaut


With Alaskan voters turning out in some of the highest numbers in recent memory for an August election, the 49th state has just elected a Native grandmother with low name recognition from rural Alaska as its temporary congressional representative. Alaska had a 32% turnout in the Aug. 16 election, which was both a regular primary and a special general election.

In the special general, Mary Peltola beat the most famous person in Alaska history, Sarah Palin. Alaskans chose a Democrat rather than a Trump-endorsed Republican.

Palin has blasted the results. At a party at her headquarters on Wednesday, she told news reporters that Nick Begich should simply drop out of the race for the regular seat in November so that she can go head-to-head against Peltola.

But pollsters who accurately predicted Peltola’s strong chance of winning the special election say that Palin’s…

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