Strength in numbers | Around the Valley | Gina Channell Wilcox


Our region is unique in that the five communities that make up the Tri-Valley — the cities of Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin and San Ramon and the town of Danville — collaborate instead of compete.
For example, it has become a tradition for the five mayors to attend an annual national mayors’ conference. Over the years they have learned five people representing a good-sized region advocating for the same thing tends to carry more weight with legislators and, therefore, gets better results.
Also, because I-680 and/or I-580 traverse all Tri-Valley communities, a few decades ago the leaders created the Tri-Valley Transportation Council.
The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance holds a very similar role for nonprofit organizations here, giving the leaders “opportunities to meet, collaborate, share resources, and strengthen each other as they work to raise community awareness and strive to…

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