Still standing with Steven Baca


Before Kyle Rittenhouse became a household name, there was Steven Baca.

You probably never knew or maybe have forgotten who Steven is. I’d like to dedicate this column, which was the last one I wrote in 2021, to remind you of his plight and would like to ask you to help me support his defense of the right to self-defense.

Steven’s case matters because the woke, George Soros-funded district attorney leading the witch-hunt prosecution against Steven may soon be New Mexico’s next attorney general if good people do nothing.

Flashback to June 15, 2020.

Across America, mayhem and mob anarchy reigned. It had been three weeks since the police-involved death of Minneapolis career criminal and drug addict George Floyd. Black Lives Matter terrorists weaponized chaos nationwide to loot, pillage and burn down businesses small and large. Antifa militants exploited every…

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