Steve Wells hopes issue-focused campaign will get him elected to Congress | Politics


SYRACUSE — As many Republicans across the country jockey for one man’s support, Steve Wells is taking an old-fashioned approach to winning a congressional seat: He is running on the issues that he believes matter to the 22nd Congressional District. 

He criticizes President Joe Biden for his handling of the economy and high inflation — issues he feels he is equipped to address given his business background. (He is a founding partner of American Food and Vending Corporation, a Syracuse-area company.) As a former prosecutor in Fort Worth, Texas, he says there needs to be action to address crime. 

On issues from energy to gun rights, he sounds like the type of candidate Republicans would’ve had no problem nominating before 2016. He panned the Biden administration’s energy policy and the push to quickly shift away from fossil fuels. While he does not oppose what he…

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