Stefanik welcomes a ‘friend’ to Fort Drum


Mike Pence is coming Sunday to Fort Drum, where he will be joined, if all goes as planned, by Elise Stefanik.

“It is an honor to welcome the vice president to our district,” the Republican congresswoman said on Facebook of the visit to the North Country military base.

Just a few weeks ago, prior to the attack on the Capitol and before Pence had refused to overturn the election on Trump’s behalf, Stefanik’s simple words wouldn’t have been a provocation. This week, they were met by many with vitriol.

“He stabbed our president in the back,” wrote one of the hundreds who commented on Stefanik’s page, echoing a common, though not universal, sentiment painting the vice president as a traitor, a deep-state Judas and worse.

The twists and turns of history really are something.

A little more than four years ago,…

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