Stay, go, delay: Joe Biden is trapped and has no good choices in Afghanistan | Afghanistan


Of all the foreign hazards, snares, pitfalls and timebombs left behind by Donald Trump, Afghanistan is arguably the worst. Joe Biden must decide in the coming days whether or not to abide by his predecessor’s shabby “peace deal” with the Taliban and withdraw all US troops by the end of April. It’s a president-sized trap.

The point being, there is no peace, no viable deal, and no easy answer. All three main options – leave now, delay the US and Nato departure by, say, six months, or stay indefinitely – are fraught with danger. Biden may be damned whatever he does. The war is a hole dug by others. But he’s in it now – and it risks becoming his hole.

Biden’s lucky, in the sense that, for him, this is a political problem. For Afghans, it’s a matter of life and death. UN figures for 2020 reveal a surge in violence after Trump recklessly ordered what amounted to a…

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