State Of Terror: Hillary Clinton’s Gripping International Thriller – The Friday Times


Terrorists armed with nuclear weapons are the bad actors in this novel. The dramatisation is so compelling that the novel could pass for a book published by a think tank.

The book’s realism is not surprising, since the author served as Secretary of State in the Obama administration and had previously served as US Senator from New York and First Lady. She is also the first woman who was the presidential nominee of one of the two major political parties.

The drama begins when three buses explode in three European cities within days of each other, killing everyone onboard. The search begins – who did it and why?

From that point on, the plot unfolds with the full fury of a Matt Damon thriller. Eventually, a common link between the bombings is found. The explosions targeted and killed three relatively unknown nuclear physicists of Pakistani origin.

Who killed them and why?…

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