State electeds’ high-tech dilemma- POLITICO


THE BUZZ — CTRL, ALT, DEL: In Silicon Valley’s home state, the techlash is complicated.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta sued TikTok on Wednesday, uniting with other state prosecutors to probe whether and how the video-sharing app could be undermining young peoples’ health. Those children-centric concerns were also the theme of a House hearing this week — another example of the boiling, bipartisan backlash against tech companies’ outsize influence over young Americans and consumers in general.

It’s not the first time California has swung a legal hammer against its innovation engines. Bonta launched an investigation into Meta-née-Facebook’s impact on kids last year, and he has joined a multi-state lawsuit accusing Facebook of anticompetitive behavior. California sued Google for alleged antitrust violations back in 2021. (On the other hand, Bonta’s office is…

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