South Carolina’s 6-Week Abortion Ban Overturned By State’s Supreme Court


In a 3-2 decision, the South Carolina Supreme Court struck down a state law banning abortion when an ultrasound detects a fetal heartbeat. Justice Kaye Hearn wrote in the majority opinion: “Six weeks is, quite simply, not a reasonable period of time for these two things to occur, and therefore the act violates our constitution’s prohibition against unreasonable invasions of privacy.”

South Carolina Supreme Court Overturns State Abortion Ban

The South Carolina Supreme Court on Thursday overturned the state’s ban on abortion after around six weeks of pregnancy, ruling that the law violated the state’s constitutional right to privacy. The 3-2 decision comes nearly seven months after the U.S. Supreme Court’s bombshell ruling voiding the federal constitutional right to terminate pregnancies. (Mangan,…

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