Some Trump allies slow walk, stonewall or snub January 6 committee


“The dangerous and false narrative of me trying to avoid or evade a subpoena is a disgrace,” Scavino tweeted in October. “Not ONE attempt was made to contact/serve me when I was at Mar a Lago for 6 days or home in NY for 8 days thereafter!”

One of the first witnesses the House select committee subpoenaed in September for information leading up to and during the events of January 6, Scavino was eventually served. He hired a savvy lawyer, quietly engaged with the committee and still has not offered testimony. With his witness status in limbo, he’s still appearing in public alongside Trump.

Scavino is just one of the many Trump allies to slow walk, stonewall or snub the January 6 committee — all while doubling down on their allegiance to Trump. Sources tell CNN it’s a balancing act for Trump loyalists trying to decide whether to cooperate with the congressional investigation seeking to…

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