Some of Dover’s great luminaries called Trakey Street home


For a street barely more than two football fields in length Trakey Street has given Dover a lot of history.

As mentioned recently, a mayor – Maurice Murphy – and a US Senator – his son and namesake, both lived on Trakey Street. But there is more than that. 

Trakey Street was referred to at one point as a “cowpath” before the land was donated to the city. The owner of the land was one Charles H. Trickey.  But its history begins at least 50 years before Trickey, with the construction of the house on the corner, now 146 Central Ave.

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This was built by Isaac P. Wendell, an early associate of John P. Williams in the creation of the mid-town cotton mills in the early 1820s. Trickey came to own the property by the mid-1870s, and he also had an association with the mills, but in the capacity of being the…

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