Some not-so-serious predictions for 2023


Last year’s column successfully predicted Democratic Senate gains and a smaller-than-expected Republican House takeover. Here is our not-totally-serious forecast for 2023:

JANUARY — Rep. Kevin McCarthy falls six votes short of 218 in House speaker election as 10 Freedom Caucus members vote for challenger Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs. As deadlock persists, Newt Gingrich offers to return as speaker. President Joe Biden stuns Democrats by announcing he won’t seek second term. House Republicans ditch McCarthy and embrace Gingrich, who is elected on the fourth ballot. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene named Intelligence Committee chair. After Kari Lake fails to reverse 2022 Arizona result, she announces she is moving to Kentucky.

FEBRUARY — VP Kamala Harris says she may seek the presidency. Cincinnati Bengals…

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