Smaller size masks for adults are available at online sites


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am a 68-year-old woman and have a small face. It is now recommended that N95 masks be worn to protect against the omicron virus, but I cannot find a surgical mask to fit my face properly. They are a loose fit on me. Can you recommend what I should do to find a safe and effective surgical mask that will fit my face? — No name, no town

ANSWER: The CDC recommends that you wear a “well-fitting” mask according to this article released on Dec. 27.

My first thought is for you to try a child-size mask to see if that works for you. You may also try to adjust the ear loops or ties on a regular-sized mask to see if that’s helpful.

There are many internet companies, including Amazon, that sell the KN95 and N95 masks in different adult sizes, including small and standard (medium/large…

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