Small Businesses in SF’s Little Russia Getting Hassled for Being Russian-Owned


The Russian invasion of Ukraine is creating headaches for small businesses owned by Russian-Americans, even if the owners are from Ukraine or Georgia.

There is one Ukrainian restaurant in San Francisco, the Financial District piroshki and dumpling spot Pushkin. And even though the business is owned by Ukrainian-Americans, and relentlessly running fundraisers to help support Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion, KTVU reported last month that they were receiving threats on social media from cranks who complained that they were Russian, and somehow had some responsibility in all this.

“Definitely not what we appreciate, to have some hateful speech against this situation,” Pushkin co-owner Sergey Shukaylo told KTVU at the time.  

Not surprisingly, the bullying has spread to San Francisco’s Little Russia neighborhood, the Outer Sunset enclave home to many Russian immigrants….

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