Sisolak buys Google ads attacking Joe Lombardo | PARTY LINES


Call it the worldwide web wars.

Gov. Steve Sisolak’s campaign has been hammering rival Joe Lombardo for his stance on abortion, and operatives have come up with yet another way to keep those attacks in front of voters. They’ve purchased Google ads keyed to specific search terms that will show users an ad slamming Lombardo when they Google terms related to abortion.

The ad — dubbed “Joe Lombardo’s plans” — says, “Joe would be an anti-choice governor. Joe supported the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, calling it ‘rightfully’ decided.” Below, it maintains Lombardo wants to restrict birth control, supports a strict ban on abortion and will overturn a Sisolak executive order that bans the state from assisting in the prosecution of anyone who travels to Nevada to seek an abortion.

For the record, the Lombardo campaign says it will not restrict birth…

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