Sir David Attenborough Takes Questions From British Tykes In This Phenomenal Viral Video


The news cycle is uncommonly nutty this weekend, even by 2020’s standards, so we can all use something of a pause. One came early Saturday in the form of a viral video shared by the @KensingtonRoyal Twitter account representing Prince Harry and Kate Middleton.

The short clip is of Sir David Attenborough, the 94-year-old British naturalist, answering questions from children about the animal kingdom. First he discusses the victories of conservation, then he dispels some myths concerning arachnophobia, then he discusses his love of monkeys.

He concludes by asking one of life’s most difficult questions. Would you choose a puppy or a kitten?

Attenborough broke a new kind of record earlier this week, when he joined Instagram and found himself with one million followers in just four hours and forty-four minutes. (His count currently is at five million.)

His newest project, the…

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