Simple Minds have officially released their 1978 song ‘Act Of Love’


The fan favourite has had it’s official release

Author: Hazel ScottPublished 31 minutes ago
Last updated 31 minutes ago

Scottish rock band Simple Minds are celebrating the anniversary of their first ever concert with the release of the song that kickstarted their incredible career. One of the band’s earliest tracks ‘Act Of Love’, written by Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill in 1978, has now been reimagined and officially released.

The song is very important to the band as it was the first song played at their first performance at Glasgow’s Satellite City on 17th January 1978, and was the opening track on the demo tape that earned Simple Minds their record deal later that year.

Lead singer Jim Kerr explained the importance of ‘Act Of Love’: “Back in 1978 this was the first song anyone heard from Simple Minds. It became our rallying cry, our banner. Both Charlie and I have relished the…

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