Sidney Poitier paved the way for Denzel Washington, Hal Berry and Morgan Freeman to become icons


Sidney Poitier was deeply hurt when legendary actor Robert Mitchum looked down on him as he was of black origin. The talented actor from the Bahamas was moved to tears. But he was not lonely. The likes of Gregory Peck, Marlon Brando, Rod Steger and Omar Sharif openly declared to be by his side. The most vocal was Sophia Loren supporting Sidney Poitier.

The first among blacks to break the voodoo that they could not rule Hollywood, Sidney became an icon in his lifetime. Acting in, To Sir With Love, Sidney Poitier introduced a refined underplay. He emoted well but never went overboard. Sidney Poitier’s eyes spelt fire when annoyed and could be equally effective in expressing emotions and affections. His style of running was very popular like Sean Connery’s walk and Omar Sharif’s silent looks.

No wonder in Paris Blues (with Paul Newman), in Heat of the Night (with Rod Steger)…

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