Shrinking! Modi. BJP. Even India



The trouble with self-aggrandisement is that demagogues then expect every courtier to kowtow to their wishes and expression. They value loyalty over efficiency and competence. That causes the courtiers to opt for a willing suspension of any disagreement. At the same time, since demagogues believe that they are always right, there is an increasing tendency to use high handed means to ensure compliance. Institutional procedures are thrown to the winds, and draconian laws are put into place.

Sleight of hand is resorted to. Remember how (in March 2018) the FCRA was modified to allow political parties to get foreign funds, with no questions asked, and with retrospective effect for 42 years.

Or take the Aadhaar bill that was converted into an Act by passing it as a money bill, thus requiring no discussion. It is one of the most rotten pieces of legislation because it does not…

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