‘Shocked and stunned and horrified’: How Joe Biden processed Jan. 6


“What flowed from him on the 6th was something he was speaking to for a long, long time. It was not a difficult thing to bring together,” Mike Donilon, a senior adviser to the president, recalled in an interview with POLITICO. “I believe — I think he believes — that there was a through-line and that the threat that he saw when he announced at the time — that everything that made America America was at stake.”

“What we believe, what we stood for, our democracy, was all on the line,” he added.

While much of the focus has been on how Trump’s White House and members of Congress spent the day, little is known about how Biden and his team processed, in real time, the riot that was taking place. The day, like many during the transition, was supposed to be a fairly quiet one for Biden, with an event scheduled before a Covid-safe audience of journalists at The Queen music…

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