She’s Georgia’s great blue hope. Can Stacey Abrams win her crucial race? | US midterm elections 2022


Stacey Abrams was a high school senior the first time she was invited to the Georgia governor’s mansion. It was for a ceremony honoring the state’s class valedictorians, and Abrams was her school’s top academic achiever. At the time, her family did not own a car, so Abrams and her parents rode the bus from their working-class suburb to the stately mansion in downtown Atlanta.

When they arrived, Abrams recalls a guard emerging from the security booth. Eyeing the bus, he told them: “This is a private event. You don’t belong here.” Never mind that her invitation was tucked into her mother’s handbag or that her name was second on the list of invitees.

A terse exchange ensued between her father and the guard, who grudgingly checked the guest list and let them in.

“The thing of it is,” Abrams said at a recent campaign stop in Atlanta, “I don’t remember meeting the…

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