Sheriff Donny Youngblood: ‘Staffing is a problem. A real problem’ | News


Ridgecrest Republican Women Federated hosted guest speaker Donny Youngblood, Kern County Sheriff, during its monthly meeting Jan. 21 at Casey’s BarBQue.

As the Sheriff for Kern County, Youngblood told attendees that it is his obligation to be a sheriff for everyone, whether they are in the country legally or illegally, especially if they are a victim of crime.

However, in the days of COVID, Youngblood said his job has gotten that much harder.

“We have zero trust in our government. Now we have battle lines where you are either on this side, or you are on that side,” Youngblood said.

Over the years, Youngblood said he had the opportunity to meet personally with Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Barak Obama.

Said Youngblood, “I treated each one with…

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