Setting deadlines won’t work – Tehran Times


TEHRAN – As the Vienna talks moved on in the waning days of the year 2021, European and American negotiators toned down their hostile rhetoric against Iran but failed to come up with a constructive initiative to get the talks moving ahead.

The talks, however, made progress that the Russian lead negotiator described as “indisputable.” Commenting on Tuesday’s negotiations over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Russia envoy to the talks said, “Today in the course of Vienna Talks on JCPOA the working group on nuclear issues held a useful meeting. We observe indisputable progress. Sanctions lifting is being actively discussed in informal settings.”

The purported progress at the talks was made thanks to the Iranian initiative. Iran constructively engaged in the nuclear part of the talks in a bid to pave the way for result-oriented talks. During the…

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