Senate Democrats lack clear message on voting reform push


WASHINGTON — If it’s Tuesday … President Biden meets with his Covid response team at 2:00 p.m. ET. … Another House Democrat is retiring. … Conor Lamb is doubling down on scrapping the filibuster in the Pennsylvania Senate race. … And Bill Gardner is stepping down as New Hampshire’s all-important secretary of state.

But first: With Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer using the upcoming Jan. 6 anniversary as a rallying cry to pass voting/election reform bills, Democrats need to answer an important question.

When they talk about saving democracy and preventing another Jan. 6 from happening again, do they mean:

  • Rolling back the restrictions on early voting and mail-in ballots that GOP-led legislatures and Republican governors passed last year?
  • Passing redistricting and campaign-finance reforms, as well as establishing Election Day as a federal holiday (which are part of the…

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