Sen. Michael Doherty Discusses Election Integrity & Systemic Racism on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato


Recorded on 11/17/20, Steve Adubato is joined by Senator Michael Doherty (R) – NJ, 23rd Legislative District, to talk about election integrity issues in NJ and the country, President Trump contesting the 2020 Presidential Election, and his belief that systemic racism does not exist in the U.S. political system. 

Senator Doherty believes there have been election integrity issues around the country and that it’s a major problem. He says from the day that President Donald Trump was elected, there was resistance, similar to the way resistance was shown in electing Joe Biden in 2020.  

Senator Doherty has called systemic racism “an evil lie.”  He explains, “This is a country, a majority-white country, that elected Barak Obama [as] President twice. Now, if we had a systemically racist country, a man who grew up not even having his father around most of the time, could…

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