Schönborn says getting vaccinated shows love of neighbour


Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, centre, with bishops from around the world in Rome.

CNS/Paul Haring

People have a duty to get vaccinated, Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn told journalists in a TV interview on Austrian state television.

The Austrian government plans to introduce countrywide mandatory vaccination in February. 

“Vaccination is without doubt a matter of Christian love of one’s neighbour. There is no such thing as freedom without responsibility or obligations. And, especially during a pandemic, the duty to protect one’s neighbour is the condition for living together in freedom,” Schönborn said. 

The Church’s response was the response that philosophy had always given: “Freedom is something unbelievably precious. It is only limited by one thing – namely the freedom of others. We must above all protect others,” the cardinal said.

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