Saturday in the Sun (July 31): The Uncertainty of Uncertainty edition


Welcome to the latest belated edition of Friday in the Sun, our weekly column where we try to keep up with the mad, mad, mad world that is Alaska politics. As always, speculating, prognosticating and griping about Alaska politics should be treated like a recreational activity, akin to losing Twitter friends over the great Anchorage pizza fight. (Spoiler, the best pizza is the pizza you have immediately in front of you.)

You can get ahold of your editor at [email protected] with tips, tricks and advice on where I can shove it for calling a goofus a goofus in a Friday in the Sun column from a whole year ago. Have an excellent weekend and get out and enjoy this weather (or, you know, just stay inside and watch the Olympics, which is also Very Good.)

Also, hey, if you’re a subscriber to the The Midnight Sun Memo (and, if not, why?!? It’s so easy to sign up!) you may have noticed…

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