Sarah Hyland says her ‘Modern Family’ character Haley is bisexual


(Screenshot via YouTube.)

If it were up to Sarah Hyland, Haley Dunphy would be bisexual on “Modern Family.”

A fan tweeted Hyland, 26, to ask if Haley is bisexual.

“I don’t know what the writers would say? But I confirm,” Hyland tweeted back.

So far, Haley has only dated men on the series including Dylan (Reid Ewing), Andy (Adam Devine) and weather forecaster Rainer Shine (Nathan Fillion).

Hyland went back to Twitter to emphasize that Haley’s bisexuality is just her opinion and has not been confirmed or considered by the show.

“Just to clarify, I havent been told nor is there anything written that would indicate Haley is bisexual,” she wrote. “That’s just my personal opinion!”

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