Samsung’s C-Lab program brings dehumidifier earbuds to CES 2022


For CES 2022, Samsung revealed a new C-Lab startup lineup that includes pet and baby tech with a spin on promoting additional wearable tech promoting safety features.

The C-Lab is divided into both C-Lab Inside — an “in-house venture program” and C-Lab Outside — Samsung’s “startup acceleration program.” Established in 2012, the C-Lab Inside incubation program encourages employees to venture out and work on experimental projects. The program expanded in 2018, creating the C-Lab Outside program. Four inside programs were set to exhibit at CES 2022, with projects ranging from test-taking technology and infant health tech.

Out of those featured, here are some that stood out:

  • DearBuds (Outside): Bluetooth earbud-like ear device that tracks ear humidity. In addition to tracking, the technology inside of the device can clear your ear by releasing light and heat to…

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