Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Santa Claus Discussed Faith


Today, we look at a 1970s Sabrina the Teenage Witch story where the young heroine sought out Santa Claus and had a deep talk with him about faith once she found him.

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Earlier this year, I talked about an outrageously out of this world tale from Archie Giant Series Magazine #196 in 1972 where Al Hartley and Joe Sinnott showed Sabrina the Teenage Witch using her powers to make Big Ethel fall in love with Jughead’s DOG (who was anthropomorphized so that he could fall in love with Ethel, as well). What makes that super silly story really stand out, though, is when you see the FIRST story that Hartley and Sinnott did in that very same comic book, which is bizarre in a WHOLE other…

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