S.C. Sen. Tom Young outlines legislative delegation’s role in plutonium settlement


Nov. 18—S.C. Sen. Tom Young Jr., R-Aiken, wants to make sure people know about the time and effort it took the Aiken County legislative delegation to get Aiken County $168.85 million from the state’s $600 million plutonium settlement.

Young, the delegation chairman, spoke to the monthly meeting of the Aiken Republican Club Tuesday afternoon at Newberry Hall.

“I don’t think the general public appreciates the volume of work and the amount of time and effort that our delegation had to put in to get to where we ended up,” Young said.

The settlement originates from a treaty the United States and the Russian Federation signed in 2000. The treaty calls for both countries to build mixed-oxide fuel fabrication facilities to dispose of around 34 metric tons of surplus plutonium.

In 2002, the Department of Energy elected to construct the facility at the Savannah River Site.

Young said Tuesday that…

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