Russian State News Has A Platform On Sarasota’s Rumble


SARASOTA, FL — Rumble, a YouTube alternative that recently opened a headquarters in Longboat Key, will continue to broadcast RT on its video platform despite a worldwide crackdown on the Russian state-controlled news network.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine more than a week ago, major technology companies have removed or restricted the network, including the Roku Channel Store and DirecTV, which both removed the English-language RT America from its offerings, according to CNBC.

Meta Platforms, which operates Facebook, and Twitter have also restricted access to the network, Reuters reported. Facebook and Instagram have designated RT as “Russian state-controlled media.”

The European Union also banned RT and Sputnik, another Russian-owned media outlet, for spreading disinformation about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to Reuters.

On its Facebook page, RT said that it broadcasts in…

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