Russia Theories Swirl Over Tale of Meeting Wife


Earlier this month, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) revealed that he and his wife are splitting after seven months of marriage. The story attracted relatively little interest.

A resurfaced clip of Cawthorn talking about how the pair met has turned far more heads than their breakup. People are speculating that the circumstances may even be a national security concern. Cawthorn has characterized the accusations as outrageous and false. There’s no evidence that the speculation is anything but that.

Left-leaning conspiracy theorists wasted no time leaping on the rumors, however. In their minds, Cawthorn’s ex is a foreign spy and he is her target. This theory doesn’t make a lot of sense and there’s no evidence other than the admittedly strange circumstances of how and where they met to back it up.

In an appearance on the Daily Caller, Cawthorn said that he met…

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