Running for office in post-truth America | Gene Lyons | Columnists


A Facebook item posted the other day by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, onetime Trump administration minister of disinformation and current Arkansas gubernatorial candidate, features a photo of Sanders grinning like a possum in front of her campaign truck. Prominent in the foreground is a supermarket sign advertising GUNS/AMMO.

The caption reads: “You know you’re in God’s country when you can get a 12 pack and a 12 gauge shotgun at your neighborhood Edward’s Food Giant!”

Within 48 hours of Sanders’ post, Arkansas saw a gunfight at an auto show down in Dumas: one dead and an astonishing 27 wounded — including a half-dozen little kids and a couple of grannies. Up in Rogers, three teenagers were arrested in a drive-by shooting. The body of a 14-year-old shot to…

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