Ron Klain Mocked for Hyping Article: ‘2021 Wasn’t All Bad’


Following Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s logic, 1929 wasn’t all bad if you somehow overlook the stock market crash that led to a 10-year global depression. And 1968 wasn’t all bad if you overlook the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy, the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, and riots in the streets all over America. Likewise, 2021 wasn’t all bad if you overlook a plethora of problems. 

So who would write the latter article? None other than liberal shillmeister Al Hunt. And what is really funny is that Hunt’s article, which was originally published in The Hill on Sunday, was promoted on Twitter by Klain, for which he got widely mocked. 



The title of Hunt’s article, “Let’s be honest: 2021 wasn’t all bad,” was absurd but when you read the text below it is like…

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