Ron DeSantis Is “Actively Preparing” for Presidential Run and Donald Trump Is Having a Meltdown


This story originally appeared in Vanity Fair

Ron DeSantis has not yet announced that he plans to run for president in 2024, though he might as well have. For one thing, he’s publishing a memoir, a time-honored tradition among elected officials gunning for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. For another, he’s taken to making pronouncements contrasting Florida to the rest of the nation—and would-be voters—like: “While so many around the country have consigned the people’s rights to the graveyard, Florida has stood a freedom’s vanguard.” For yet another, his team is literally holding meetings with people they want to hire to launch his campaign.

The Washington Post reports that advisers to the Florida governor are “are actively preparing for a possible presidential run,” according to two people familiar with the matter who described “meetings and preliminary staffing…

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