Ron DeSantis has trouble against Donald Trump in crowded field


New polling suggests Gov. Ron DeSantis may face a problem if he runs for the United States presidency in 2024, specifically if the GOP field is crowded as widely expected.

A Harvard-Harris survey in the field on Dec. 14 and 15 showed DeSantis topping former President Donald Trump if a head-to-head national Presidential Primary between the two were hypothetically possible.

Per the poll analysis, a two-way battle between DeSantis and Trump is an “open fight,” with Trump controlling the “hard GOP base.” But when factoring in GOP-leaning independent registered voters, DeSantis tops Trump in the national scenario, with 52% support against 48% for the former President.

That’s the best scenario for Trump in the poll. When independents are out of the sample, GOP registrants remain loyal to Trump. The former President’s 55% is suitable for a double-digit lead against DeSantis.

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