Roger Stone: I Am Being Treated Differently Than Hunter Biden and Rev. Al Sharpton -Why? – Frank Report


Editor’s Note: While the DOJ and the media parrots love to claim that Roger Stone lives in luxury, I have to disagree.

I have been to Roger Stone’s house recently. It is a modest, rented townhome, with two bedrooms and two baths, and much smaller than the rented home he lived in when two dozen jack-booted federal agents raided his home to arrest him as part of the Mueller prosecution.

For a period of time, Stone did not have a car, and I lent him my car for a time. He has a car now, but has been so poor at times, I believe, at the old house, he actually took in a boarder.  I can attest to the fact that he is NOT living a lavish lifestyle.

Whenever he goes out, he is recognized. Supporters wave and cheer him. Some ask for his autograph. He also is heckled. Once at a restaurant, a woman seemed to come out of the shadows, came over to the table and thrust a…

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