Rittenhouse case shows need for honesty: Sheboygan attorney Casey Hoff


No matter what a person’s views are about Kyle Rittenhouse or the outcome of his jury trial, reasonable minds should be able to agree on one fundamental concept — that no matter the person on trial or what the person is accused of doing, it is extremely dangerous and potentially harmful, not only to a person’s due process right to a fair trial, but also to our justice system generally, for spectators of any trial to spread falsehoods or misleading information about a case.

The Rittenhouse trial was one of the most politically polarizing jury trials in Wisconsin history. Without regard to the actual facts of the case, a simple review of social media and cable news shows revealed that a person’s political preferences often determined whether the person believed Rittenhouse was innocent or guilty, whether the person believed Rittenhouse had a “right” to be in Kenosha on the…

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