Revisiting Healey’s pot pardon promise


With Lisa Kashinsky

CAMPAIGN THROWBACK — It’s been just over three months since Maura Healey said that, if elected, she would pardon all state-level simple marijuana possession convictions in Massachusetts.

Her promise came just after President Joe Biden announced a plan to issue similar pardonsat the federal level, urging governors to follow his lead.Then-Gov. Charlie Baker demurred, citing the expungement process already in place.

But so far, Healey’s pledge appears to have taken a back seat to the nascent administration’s other priorities. So, as Healey rounds out her first full week in office, Playbook took a look at the logistics of issuing the pardons and, TL;DR, it’s complicated.

Healey faces two pitfalls: First, according to GBH News legal analyst and Northeastern law professor Daniel Medwed, there’s the difficulty of finding everyone who fits the bill — a task…

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