Reviewing President Biden’s First Year – Opinion: Potomac Watch


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Speaker 1: From the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal, this is Potomac Watch.

Kyle Peterson: As 2021 comes to a close in Washington, how do we size up President Biden’s first year in office and what else happened that’s worth remembering? Welcome, I’m Kyle Peterson with the Wall Street Journal. We’re joined today by my colleagues, columnist Bill McGurn and Kim Strassel. Bill, let’s start at just the 30,000-foot level. Huge story, of course, in Washington, always every four years there’s a new boss in town, January 20th, President Joe Biden inaugurated, ushered into the White House, a job that he first sought more than 30 years before during 1988 presidential campaign and now he’s here. He has it. Bill, how do you think his first year in office has gone?


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