Republicans seize on early voting after disappointing midterms


A growing chorus of Republicans are pleading with the GOP to rebuild its once-robust early and mail voting programs, blaming the party’s reluctance to embrace such efforts for a lackluster showing in the 2022 midterm elections.

Democrats drastically outpaced Republicans in pre-Election Day voting in key battleground states this year, allowing the party and its candidates to run up a massive vote advantage heading into Nov. 8. Republicans, meanwhile, banked on heavy Election Day turnout to overpower Democrats.

But after the so-called red wave that Republicans had predicted ahead of the midterms failed to materialize, a growing number of influential GOP leaders and operatives say the party needs to more aggressively compete with Democrats when it comes to early and mail voting, fearing that a failure to do so could cost the GOP in future elections.

“We have to…

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