Republicans seek to avoid Trump talk as party grapples with January 6 anniversary


By Melanie Zanona and Manu Raju, CNN

Republicans on Capitol Hill are under pressure to reflect on the deadly events of January 6 but are also trying to avoid talking about former President Donald Trump’s culpability — underscoring how the attack remains an unwelcome distraction for a party eager to gain voters’ trust in this fall’s pivotal elections.

As Democrats prepare a slate of solemn events to commemorate the insurrection and continue their push for a full-scale investigation, top Republicans are plotting a decidedly different approach: They’re planning to stay mostly quiet about the one-year anniversary. And they’re eager to quickly shift the focus onto economic issues they believe will drive voter turnout in the November midterms.

GOP leaders won’t be in the Capitol on Thursday, with the House out of session and a number of Republican senators…

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