Republicans Panic as Dems Take ‘Astronomical’ Lead in Early Mailed Ballots, Says Report


Top GOP officials have reportedly been sent into a blind panic after seeing numbers showing that Democratic voters in key states are returning mail-in ballots at much, much higher rates than Republican voters. According to The Washington Post, the Democratic lead in mail voting is so extreme that it’s led to urgent discussions among senior GOP officials. “It’s astronomical,” said one unnamed Republican strategist, who added that he was left “horrified” by the numbers. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has reportedly twice met with Trump to urge him to stop bashing mail balloting, and is said to have told others he’s worried that the president’s rhetoric could stop Republican voters—especially elderly ones—from sending in their ballots. Republican National Committee spokesman Mike Reed insisted there was no panic, saying Republicans “will come out in…

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